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Stay tuned for more info about Timbaland’s next album! See below for for more info about Culo by Mazzucco.


Well-versed in bringing women of extraordinary beauty to the forefront of mainstream popular culture, Mazzucco searched the globe for the world’s most stunning women to appear in the book.  The result is a 248 page collection of color photographs and art pieces showcasing a diverse group of women—some already legendary, some about to become so—who embody the spirit of culo and the start of a new era of beauty.

“Interscope Records has always been a heat-seeking missile when it comes to shifts in popular culture, whether inciting them or reacting to them swiftly.  The impetus for this book is a little of both,” writes Iovine in the Foreword.

“I have enjoyed every single moment I’ve spent in the company of these breathtaking women, of having the air sucked out of the room and feeling my heart race from the sheer joy of seeing my vision come to life,” says Mazzucco.

The Following video features Nudity.  Parental discretion is advised.