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South Park Finale Filled With Pop Music Parody

Update: Watch Episode below. Please note, South Park Has A TV-MA Rating

Via Comedy Central On HULU


South Park Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker have always tackled pop culture news in unique ways on their show, heck they even have a disclaimer at the beginning of their show because of it.  Their Season 18 Finale might be their Coup de grâce, with a parody cast list that would usually make up a whole season.

The Finale, titled “The Washington Redskins Go F*ck Yourself Holiday Special,” will carry over multiple musical spoofs from the previous episodes. These spoofs included Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea, along with Michael Jackson and Tupac holograms.

Alongside those is the ongoing season’s plot line following Randy Marsh’s alter ego. After a number of events that end with the threat of becoming a hologram, Randy plans to reveal his deep dark secret to the world, that he is in fact the real Lorde.

The teaser for tonights episode promises parodies of U2, Taylor Swift, as well as Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley holograms. South Park airs tonight on Comedy Central at 10 pm Eastern Time, so be sure to watch it.