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Sony & BMG To Buy Warner Music Group?


Interest in buying Warner Music Group (WMG) continues to grow.  Music biz trades indicate that the industry’s smallest major label music conglomerate has peaked the interest of a handful of varying capitalists, including investing allies of former Facebook executive, Sean Parker.  Now The Financial Times reported yesterday, that music conglomerates Sony & BMG Publishing could team up to buy Warner Music Group.  Word is that BMG, a joint venture between private equity firms, KKR and Bertelsmann, spearheaded the initiate, already having their eye on WMG’s Warner/Chappell  publishing arm.

If BMG does in fact partner with Sony, it is speculated that the two companies will organize a take over of WMG’s recorded music arm (the record labels) as well.  The same report also indicates, that if such an action would take place, Sony could potentially face an antitrust problem for owning their current music conglomerate, Sony Music Entertainment, and having ownership in WMG, taking up a sincerely large portion of the major label market place.