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Snoop Dogg Throws Bachelor Party For Prince William

snoop dogg prince william wet video

The Cataracts as English Princes William & Harry From Snoop Dogg Music Video

Snoop Dogg’s newest single to his Doggumentary Music album was serviced to radio stations and music industry press this week.  It was then in our music meeting that we discovered the very eye catching music video to go with the song called, “Wet.”   What makes this video stand out is its specific link to the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middelton.  Yes, you read that right.  “Wet”  will serve as the official theme song to the bachelor party for Prince William of England.

That fact is celebrated that much more in its associated music video.  In that video Snoop is seen in Las Vegas, preparing a bachelor Party for William, while his entourage talks deceivingly sweet to “The Qeen Mom.”  It is then requested that they speak to, “the nephew Harry,” referring to Prince Harry.  After Harry is put on the phone, Snoop  instructs for the two Princes to join him, and of course they do.

In The following scene a limo  featuring the British flag pulls up, and he is joined by two Prince look alikes, played by “Wet” producers, The Cataracts. (The Cataracts are know for their distinctive productions sound on key songs such as, “Like A G6” by Far East Movement)  Snoop and the Cataract Princes then proceed to get consumed in what can only be described as a music video orgy, only cutting away for a performance scene that includes Snoop Dogg and vale wearing stripper, that  looks to be playing the role of  Kate Middleton.

When it comes to sheer entertainment, this is one of the coolest music videos we’ve come across in quite some time. It is a true case of art imitating life.  Snoop is scheduled to be a featured performer at the Royal Wedding Reception.  Is a video reenactment in order?  Only a chosen few will really know.  That being said, while many already recognize that it is good to be the king, these guys are showing off the fact that, perhaps this time, it is better to be the Prince.

–  Enjoy the video!

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From Doggumentary Music


(This Video Contains Explicit Content)