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Smashing Pumpkins Oceania Live In NYC

Last year for Halloween, THE SMASHING PUMPKINS were set to perform in New York at Brooklyn’s new Barclays Center, but due to the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the show had to be rescheduled (Monday, December 10). The band’s powerful performance was captured for an audio-visual experience titled OCEANIA: LIVE IN NYC and due out September 24 via Universal Music Enterprises.

The package will be available in four formats: a standard Amaray DVD, a 3D Blu-ray DVD, a Deluxe 2CD+DVD setand digital long form. The DVD and Blu-ray components both feature the full show, along with interviews with Sean Evans, the lighting director and stage producer, plus a photo gallery, both with 5.1 and stereo audio.


  1. Standard Amaray DVD – OCEANIA: LIVE IN NYC – full show and bonus interviews:


  1. Standard 3D Blu-ray – OCEANIA: 3D IN NYC – 3D & 2D on one disc, with 24-   bit/96kHz audiophile audio:


  1. Deluxe 2CD+DVD – OCEANIA: LIVE IN NYC – DVD plus 2xCDs of all tracks in the show:


  1. Digital Long Form – OCEANIA: LIVE IN NYC – Full content available for digital download


At Barclays Center, the PUMPKINS–singer/guitarist BILLY CORGAN, guitarist JEFF SCHROEDER, drummer MIKE BYRNE and bassist NICOLE FIORENTINO–performed their acclaimed OCEANIA CD in full, followed by classics and deep cuts from their body of work for the second half of the show (the set list is below).  The PUMPKINS were backed by visuals prepared by Evans, whose most recent project was assisting Roger Waters on the newest staging of “The Wall.” The OCEANIA: LIVE IN NYC package, with a running time of 57:58, is directed by Milton Lage and was produced by Rock Fuel’s Barry Summers.


The set list captured on OCEANIA: LIVE IN NYC is:



  1. Quasar (5:05)
  2. Panopticon (4:09)
  3. The Celestials (3:50)
  4. Violet Rays (4:34)
  5. My Love Is Winter (3:37)
  6. One Diamond, One Heart (3:54)
  7. Pinwheels (5:52)
  8. Oceania (10:09)
  9. Pale Horse (4:35)
  10. The Chimera (4:39)
  11. Glissandra (4:31)
  12. Inkless (3:03)



  1. Wildflower (5:06)
  2. Space Oddity (7:38)
  3. X.Y.U (10:23)
  4. Disarm (3:31)
  5. Tonite Reprise (1:27)
  6. Tonight, Tonight (4:21)
  7. Bullet with Butterfly Wings (5:02)
  8. The Dream Machine (7:01)
  9. Hummer (7:13)




  1. Ava Adore (5:11)
  2. Cherub Rock (4:43)
  3. Zero (6:01)


THE SMASHING PUMPKINS have created one of the most acclaimed bodies of work in musical history having sold more than 30 million albums, and won multiple Grammy Awards in the process.  Formed in Chicago in 1988, they released Gish, their influential and platinum debut in 1991, which was followed by albums including the nine-time platinum Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness and the four-time platinum Siamese Dream, as well as the platinum certified 1998 album Adore.   The pivotal group’s many hits defined the alternative music era and continue to resonate on modern rock radio, influencing a whole new generation.   The PUMPKINS returned in 2007 with their acclaimed sixth album Zeitgeist.  They have since remained on the cutting edge of music and technology with various online releases. In June 2012, the band released their acclaimed album Oceania, via Martha’s Music/EMI Label Services/Caroline Distribution. Marking THE SMASHING PUMPKINS’ 7th studio record, it is “an album within an album,” part of their 44-song work-in-progress Teargarden By KaleidyscopeOceania entered the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart at #4 and earned the #1 spot on the Independent Albums Chart.

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