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Seth Macfarlane Teams Alan Jackson With Disney Composer Joel McNeely For The Sound Of “A Million Ways To Die”

“A million Ways To Die In The West Movie Poster” Universal Pictures

The summer movie rush continues this weekend with the debut of Seth Macfarlane’s new live action comedy, A Million Ways To Die In The West. Known world wide for his work in adult animated sitcoms like Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show, Macfarlane’s Fuzzy Door Productions first diversified into live action feature films with 2012’s Ted, in partnership with Media Rights Capital, Bluegrass Films, Smart Entertainment, and Universal Pictures. In addition to providing all the hilarity one would expect from a fowl mouthed weed smoking, and beer guzzling teddy bear, Ted also provided the Oscar nominated theme song, “Everybody Needs A Best Friend”, co-written by Macfarlane and Family Guy music man, Walter Murphy, and performed by Norah Jones.

Now as Fuzzy Door, Media Rights, Bluegrass, and Universal team up again for A Million Ways…, it looks like music will once again play a role in the movie’s feel and personality. This time around Universal’s soundtrack label Backlot Music has matched Seth’s crew up with a creative blend that only the likes of Fuzzy Door could concoct. The films theme song, which was released in April, is written by renowned film composer Joel McNeely. While McNeely’s film credits cover several company’s, a large majority of them come from working with different branches of The Walt Disney Company. Some fun examples we thought we’d point out are  Pooh’s  Heffalump Movie, The Jungle Book 2, and Cinderella 3.

The title tune called “A Million Ways To Die” is performed Country Superstar Alan Jackson. He recites the track’s comedic lyrics with a straight delivery that gives the whole project an authentic Country vibe that is truly entertaining. Backlot released a lyric video to VEVO last Tuesday. Although they don’t officially call it a “music video,” it’s as entertaining as one, and features several clips from the movie. Since A Million Ways To Die In The West is released to theaters tomorrow, we thought we’d share in the excitement and show you the video. Check it out below. Enjoy!

Alan Jackson

“A Million Ways To Die”

Backlot Music

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