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Saving Mr. Banks “The Music”

Video Still From “Saving Mr. Banks” Walt Disney Pictures

As discussed in our recently published Throwback Thursday article discussing the music of Mary Poppins, this coming Friday marks the release of Walt Disney Pictures’ Saving Mr. Banks. In addition to spotlighting the film’s stand out song “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, the article also went into detail about the accomplished career of the song’s writers, The Sherman Brothers. Well, it looks like there are some people at the studio that were thinking similarly. As our feature was being drafted, the promoters at Walt Disney Pictures decided to release Saving Mr. Banks- “The Music”, a 2:50 long trailer that focuses entirely on the same music and songwriting process that we highlighted.

Despite the time constraints, the trailer serves as a mini documentary, discussing the personal journey that The Sherman Brothers shared with Walt, writing music to try and convince P. L Travers to grant Disney the story’s film rights. It gives a glimpse of what those key scenes look like, and features interviews with Jason Schwartzman, and the Sherman brother that he plays in the film, Richard Sherman. Richard, who is the only one of the two Sherman’s still living, worked as the film’s music consultant. It is a compelling clip that we couldn’t help but want to share with you. Check it out below. Enjoy!

Saving Mr. Banks “The Music”

Walt Disney Pictures

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