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Ryan Gosling Discusses Almost Joining Backstreet Boys (Watch Him Sing On MMC)

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling

Hey ladies remember back in July when the Backstreet Boys announced that their estranged 5th member Kevin Richardson was rejoining the group after approximately a seven year absence and everyone went wild cheering?  Well, what do you think the reaction would be if they announced that heartthrob actor Ryan Gosling name was announced as well.  It’s probably pretty safe to say that reactions would be through the roof.  Well, interestingly enough, BSB member AJ McLean has told TMZ that “he wants the Gangster Squad star to join the group.”

This is thanks in part to the fact that according to an interview with Gosling reviled that he was at one time in the running to be a member of the now legendary Pop group.  According to the interview, Gosling and McLean use to live in the same apartment building, and McLean was always promoting the group he had just joined, and was trying to convince Gosling to consider joining.  Gosling admits in the interview that he was dismissive of the group, and thought that they were going to be a New Kids On The Block rip off.  It was interesting to watch the interview because y0u can really tell that part of him really does seem to regret that decision even now.

We’ve  watched both video clips, and think its awesome how genuinely respectful both sides are being about everything. We also think it would be awesome if he joined the group for a special appearance or something like that for the sake of fun.  It would be a real show stopper.  Check out the clips by clicking, here for celeb buzz & here for TMZ.

AJ was right about one thing.  Gosling can SING, and we have proof!  Below is a fantastic clip of him singing “Cry For You” by Jodeci on the Micky Mouse club with *Nsync’s Justin Timberlake, and JC Chasez, along with fellow former MMCer Dale Godboldo.  For nostalgia sake, we even get to see a shot of a young Britney Spears saying goodbye after the song.  It’s very entertaining.  Cheers to you Ryan.  It’s probably fair to say that you’ve done pretty well for yourself.

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