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Robin Thicke And Jessie J Introduce DJ Cassidy To The World On “Calling All Hearts”

Jessie J And Robin Thicke In DJ Cassidy’s “Calling All Hearts” Music Video

It feels good to be able to have some Robin Thicke news for you that involves his music again. It certainly is some feel good music too! The tune we are talking about is a brand new song he is featured on called, “Calling All Hearts”, by DJ Cassidy. Cassidy is probably best known as the “DJ to the stars”, who’s resume includes rocking the party for such notable names as President Obama, Jay-Z, and Beyonce, and Oprah just to name a few. Now he is taking his music mixing and production skills to the next level by using them to rock the party with his own music. His debut single for Columbia Records, “Calling All Hearts” is a disco inspired Dance hit with some R&B flavor. It features both Robin Thicke, and UK Pop/R&B singer, Jessie J.

These are two artists that Cassidy has worked closely with. Both he and Jessie were set to open for Robin on his “Blurred Line” tour , before Jessie pulled out due to a scheduling conflict. Despite being replaced by R&B singer K. Michelle on tour, there is no replacing Jessie on this song. Her powerful vocals really give Robin a run for his money on this one! However in the recently released music video for the song all three of them look like they are just really having a good time from start to finish.  We still have a lot to learn about DJ Cassidy, but wow what an introduction this song is. Keep checking back for more info on DJ Cassidy and his forthcoming Columbia  Records debut, we have a feeling that it will have a sound that you will want to crank up on your radio!

DJ Cassidy Featuring Robin Thicke And Jessie J

“Calling All Hearts”

Columbia Records

The Making Of “Calling All Hearts”
DJ Cassidy Columbia Records Album Trailer
DJ Cassidy Reel

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