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Rob Thomas Continues To Tug Heart Strings With New Single


Since 1996, whether it be as part his band Matchbox Twenty or his illustrious solo career, Rob Thomas has proven time and time again what it means to be a successful rock star in music today. In an era of instant Itunes singles continually pushed to try and raise metrics and validate an album’s investment, he has possessed a musical  longevity that exhibits an artistic  integrity and love for quality that every music lover can learn from.  However daunting the personal pressure for him to continue to measure up, he has. While racking up hit after hit he’s kept the every man nice guyness thats done nothing but good things for both him and the industry alike.

With the exception of Matchbox Twenty’s Mad Season album, each of his albums were made four years apart or more.  This shows two things. First, the industry needs to be patient and let a band/artist develop their sound, and second, it doesn’t hurt to have some manners.  The same time and care was also taken for the creation of his current album, Cradlesong.

The album features, “Her Diamonds”, the tear jerking real life narrative first single about his wife’s battle of with autoimmune health issues, and its follow up, “Someday” inspired by and about the Iraq war and belief in the triumph of the human spirit.  “Mockingbird” now rounds out Cradlesong’s single trio.  It is about the fear of loving someone who may or will end up leaving. The song turns out to be a crucial ingredient to the bigger picture that is Thomas’ highly personal album of love life and loss. Our Hat is off to you sir.  This album is full of truly moving music!!

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