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Rita Ora Is Here To Make You “Party” And It’s No “Bullsh**”

Rita Ora

Rita Ora

So far it looks like the hottest song to explode its way on to the Pop music scene in the month of March belongs to yet another British import, and this one is gearing up to be our next Pop princess. Her name is Rita Ora, and the highly buzzed about song is called, “How We Do (Party)”. She is brought to us state side courtesy  of Roc Nation and Jay-Z.

Rita got her start in 2004 when she broke through as an actress in the British comedy Spivs by playing the role of Rossana.  Movie stardom aside, her most natural ability since childhood was singing and music.  Her first chance to display that came in in 2007 when she appeared as a featured guest on famed 2 step singer Craig David’s “Awkward”, and “Where’s Your Love”.  Soon after that lead to her auditioning for the BBC singing competition show,  Eurovision: Your Country Needs You in 2009.  While there she qualified to represent the UK, but eventually withdrew to further perfect her craft.

The continued hard work apparently payed off.  An A&R brought her stand out appeal to the attention of Rapper/Mogul Jay-Z who promptly signed her to his Roc Nation label, and put her on the fast track to stardom.  With Jay’s connections she quickly slid into key cameos for his “Young Forever” music video, and Drake’s “Over” music video.  Then on February 24th, he literally ushered her into New York City Pop Power players, Z100 and  103.5 KTU to unexpectedly debut her fresh single  “How We Do (Party)”.  It looks like he made a good bet on her talent. The song seems to be staying stuck in the brains of every music head in the industry and picking up momentum fast.  We also give many kudos for the cleverly signified use of Notorious B.I .G.’s classic “Party and Bullhh*t” used as part of Rita’s hook. Given Jay’s well known friendship with the late rapper, the the newly found lyrical use of those classic lines on a such an infectious mainstream track is clearly a nod to his Hip Hop roots that fans are going to eat up.

We think the track is just great.  Rita Ora is obviously on her way to becoming something big.  Take a listen below and see if you agree.

Rita Ora

“How We Do (Party)”

Roc Nation/Columbia Records

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