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Rihanna’s Illness Goes Beyond SNL

Tweeted Picture From Rihanna Yesterday

Tweeted Picture From Rihanna Yesterday

As we reported Monday, Pop singer Rihanna made headlines for angering Lorne Michaels because she  ditched dress rehearsals of his ledgendary  television show, Saturday Night Live.  This news was a particularly big deal because missing dress rehearsals is incredibly rare in the show’s history, and many SNL staffer were suspicious of her faking it.  Well now she has a doctors note to prove it

Sources close to the singer told TMZ “the singer had been struck down with a bad case of the flu … and required an IV drip.” They went on to say that “she started feeling really ill last week and saw a doctor on Thursday … but by the time of her “Saturday Night Live” appearance, she still wasn’t fully recovered.”  Even though producers were suspicious of her not actually being Ill, she now has her doctor sticking up for her.  Reports indicate that Rihanna continued to feel ill days later, requiring her doctors to put her on Penicillin.

We wish good health to you Rihanna.