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Ricky Martin: Gay Parenthood, New Music, & A Positive Example For Us All

The Best thing about me is you album art

Ricky Martin "The Best Thing About Me Is You"

While  the world rightfully had its eye on Washington DC, the music world had its own momentous occasion of an entirely different nature occurring out of Harpo Productions’ studio’s in Chicago.  Late 90s Pop sensation Ricky Martin sat down exclusively with talk show giant Oprah Winfrey to discuss the unveiling of his homosexuality via the website this past March.  In what has to be the most open, honest, and heart warming interviews of his life,  Martin explained his take on life as a homosexual, his reasons for privacy, and why that changed with the birth of his twin boys.  After watching the interview, it is plain to see that the 38 year old Ricky has done an amazing amount of soul searching, and has taken the time to learn what the true riches of life really are, in a way that some men and women twice his age never do.  His perspective was particularly refreshing, because he used the combination of his newly found piece of mind, and the Oprah platform to maturely stand as an example of a person truly happy with who they are, while at the same time serving as a much needed role model in the Latino homosexual community.

These sentiments were only further sustained with the release of his new memoir  of deep personal reflection called “Me“, and the Ryan Seacrest powered debut of his Jason Mraz like, happy go lucky track, “The Best Thing About Me Is You”. This debut single from his latest album in nearly 6 years features blue eyed soul songbird, Joss Stone.  His pure motivations to be honest about himself for the sake of his family, in hopes of providing a truthful balanced life for his two boys, while thusly standing up as an example for all Gay Latinos is nothing but admirable. Music aside, this man’s very loving and giving disposition is exactly what more people of power and influence from this country need to have if Americans are going to return greatness and stability.  Maybe the folks from Washington and Wall Street should  watch this and see what it means to truly have nobility, stop being greed oriented , and fix our great nation.

Thanks to the positivity of people like Ricky Martin, Gay or not, we can all be reminded  that the true measure of a man is what they do, not who they do, or what they have.  Below we have provided an embedded link to part of his appearance on Oparah, the performance from that show, and a link to the studio version of his new single “The Best Thing About Me Is You”, featuring Joss Stone.  Be sure to check it all out and see if you feel as strongly as we do.  You are truly an inspiration Ricky. God Bless!

Ricky Martin


The Oprah Winfrey Show (Part 1)

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Ricky Martin F/Joss Stone

“The Best Thing About Me Is You”

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Ricky Martin F/ Joss Stone

“The Best Thing About Me Is You” Live


The Oprah Winfrey Show

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