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Reaching For a Dream: The Story Of Motown’s Kevin Ross

Kevin Ross

Throughout the years has developed a reputation as a tastemaker for the music industry. If you click on the “Interviews” section of the site you will find various original productions with various artists who would go on to become household names shortly after being profiled by us, and given our stamp of approval as Clizbeats featured artists

In today’s world full of Youtubers, reality stars, and viral sensations, we all know that there are many reasons why someone can become famous, and the music industry is no exception to this rule. However, one of the things we are most proud of here at Clizbeats is “Covering The World Of Music For All The Right Reasons.” As you will find in our previously released productions with artists like Robin Thicke, Janelle Monae, The Script, and Jay Sean, we are at are best when we use our artist interviews as an opportunity to tell up lifting stories of soulful artistically driven people, who use their talents to touch and inspire others. Our favorite interviews/productions have always been with people who use their gifts to create a timeless sound, and make an impact on the world with their craft. All of those previously mentioned musicians have become world famous at one point or another for working tirelessly to make their dreams come true. With that said, we are thrilled to tell you that our latest featured artist is another one of those people!

We were honored to be able to tell the inspirational story of Washington DC singer/songwriter Kevin Ross, as he has become the driving force behind the next generation of Motown Records. For those of you who do not know, the legendary brand of Motown has been recently revived during a restructuring of it’s parent company, Universal Music Group. In 2012 Pop/R&B singer/songwriter superstar, Ne-Yo joined the Motown team with a mission, He became the label’s Senior Vice President Of A&R, a position previously held by the Iconic force behind many Motown classics, Smokey Robinson. Then as Motown became a partner with Capitol Records in this new era, he became determined to bring the label back to basics. Once again Motown is doing what many in the modern music industry consider the impossible, and are focusing primarily on artist development.

With that said, Kevin Ross is the first of these new talents to come from this new Motown family. As if that wasn’t enough to get any Soul music lover excited, Kevin is also the first artist to be jointly signed to Ne-Yo’s new Motown, and songwriter producer, David Foster’s Verve Music Group. (Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Toni Braxton, Michael Buble, Josh Groban, and many others)

Kevin Ross Featuring Chaz French


Verve Music Group/Motown/Capitol Records

In this in-depth interview you will hear how this classically trained young artist continues to work day after day to make his dreams come true, while writing music and sharing the stage with icons.


Kevin Ross 

“This Is My Wish”

Verve Music Group/Motown/Capitol Records

As Kevin Ross prepares to release his debut album, The Awakening in the near future, you will most likely recognize him from his 2014 single, “This Is My Wish”. It was featured in a uplifting holiday campaign from Glade during that Christmas season! As this Christmas season is upon us once again, we thought it would be fitting to share Kevin’s Clizbeats interview as our holiday gift to you. Check out his amazing story, and enjoy his recently released online Christmas EP, The Coldest Winter . From everyone here at Clizbeats Productions, we hope you enjoy it, and we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Audio Feature Credits 

Host: Matt Clizbe

Interview By Craig Clizbe  and Matt Clizbe

Written, Produced Edited ,Mixed, and Engineered By Craig Clizbe

Special Thanks: Kevin Ross, Troy Taylor, Anna Mackiewicz, Lauren Ceradini, Motown Records, Capitol Records,