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#ICYMI: Ray J “Hit It First”…. But Apparently Chris Brown Did Too?

Chris Brown In “Loyal” Music Video

Kanye can’t catch a break when it comes to other celebrity guys coming forward and publically announcing that they’ve slept with his fiancé and mother of his child, Kim Kardashian. The most famous of these of course, was singer/reality star Ray J. He very famously celebrated the sex tape that he and Kim were in when he released his charming little ditty entitled “I Hit It First” in April of last year. For whatever reason, that was followed by the “I Hit it First” remix featuring rapper, The Game. This is because according to tabloid reports, he too “hit” Kim before Kanye.

Well, now radar online is reporting that recently jailed singer Chris Brown is also on that list of names as well. To make matters worse, he too has a song that he brags in too. To be clear, it in no way refers to Kim directly in any way. However, the song “Loyal” refers to the many conquests that he and featured rappers Lil Wayne and Tyga have as a regular way of everyday life.


Without hesitation, or even subtlety, Chris Wayne, and Tyga use the song “Loyal” to talk about how the many women in their lives are in fact not “loyal.” In the lyrics Chris out right brags that because he’s rich, he can “take a broke N**** B*****.” Check out the charming verse lyrics written out below as an example.

 “Just got rich

Took a broke n**** b****

I can make a broke b**** rich

But I don’t f*** with broke b****es

Got a white girl with some fake titties

I took her to the Bay with me

Eyes closed, smoking marijuana

Rolling up that Bob Marley

I’m a rasta

She say she wanna do drugs,

Smoke weed, get drunk

She wanna see a n**** trapped

She wanna f*** all the rappers

Maybe now that he’s had to spend some time behind bars, Brown will be less incline to brag in the future. TMZ is reporting that he  is feeling like “a caged animal,” calling it “the worst experience of my life.”

Perhaps he should save his rich rapper money and use it for classier things after he gets out. Exclusive sources are also telling TMZ that Brown’s lawyer is attempting for a a civil settlement with a man that Brown allegedly assaulted. Apparently the incident was bad enough that the man’s nose could be broken. That sort of thing could spell big trouble for Chris. It could however, play a role in getting him out of jail too. He should probably save his money. Click here for more.

We’ll keep you posted if we learn any more. In row mean time enjoy the ever so charming “Loyal” music video. Check it out below.

Chris Brown Featuring Tyga and Lil Wayne

“Loyal” (Explicit)


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