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Rapper Nas Learns Actual Details Of His Family’s Enslavement On Emotional PBS Docu Show

Rapper Nas was part of was part of some truly emotional TV over at PBS recently. In an episode of their ancestry exploration show “Finding Your Roots”, host, Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. introduced him to the harshness of his family’s slavery past by showing him a receipt for his then 15 year old great great great grandmother Pocahontas Little, as well as the face of the man that owned his relatives. In the episode Nas learns that a man named Benjamin Franklin Little officially bought his grandmother for under $900 on March 27th 1859.

The rap star gets viably upset when learning these details, and reflects on what life as a slave must have been like for his ancestors. He and Gates then go on to discuss his purchase of Benjamin Franklin Little’s former land in honor of his family. The two minute clip previewing this moving episode is a must see. Check it out!