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Producer’s Direct Message On Twitter Reveals Cause For The Weeknd’s Copyright Infringement Law Suit

The Weeknd’s “The Hills” Single art via XO/Republic Records

As hit news that his label, Republic Records was being honored as 2015’s most profitable record label, word broke simultaneously that R&B/Pop sensation The Weeknd, is being sued for copyright infringement. Cutting Edge Music Limited is suing the Beauty Behind The Madness singer over his song “The Hills.” The UK music publisher claims “The Hills” illicitly sampled Tom Raybould’s “Revolution” from 2013’s The Machine soundtrack.

As a result, they are also suing producers Emmanuel “Mano” Nickerson, Illangelo a.k.a. Carlo Montagnese Republic’s parent company, Universal Music Group , Warner Chappell, Sony/ATV and more. Said suit contends that Mano sent Raybould a direct message on Twitter back in March.

“On or about March 9, 2015, Defendant MANO sent Raybould a Twitter direct message stating ‘I sampled your music might make it 2 the weeknd next album. Huge fan of what u did 4 the machine movie!’

Their argument is that, “both the Infringing Song and the Track featuring synthesizer bass-lines performed with almost identical idiosyncratic sounds at the same register and using the same pitch sequence, melodic phase structure and rhythmic durations.”

Cutting Edge is seeking unspecified damages as well as an injunction barring further distribution of “The Hills” and its album Beauty Behind the Madness until Cutting Edge Music is given proper credit.

“The lawsuit speaks for itself, and I appreciate my publisher the Cutting Edge Group standing up for composers in situations like the one I’m in,” Raybould said in a statement.

The Weeknd and Universal Music Group have yet to comment.


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