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Problems Don’t Stop at Conviction For Conrad Murray?

Dr. Conrad Murray’s legal issues may not be completed with his recent conviction for involuntary Manslaughter.  Billboard Magazine reported yesterday that the now infamous doctor is likely to also be facing Lawsuits, “medical licensing issues” and “possible payments” to Jackson’s family. Michael Jackson’s father  Joe Jackson  is reportedly suing Murray which may force the doctor to pay restitution to Jackson’s family when he is sentenced for involuntary manslaughter on Nov. 29.  Joe Jackson’s attorney Brian Oxman is quoted as saying his civil case “will absolutely focus on what happened before the last few hours of Michael’s life.”

Oxman is reported to be working with Murray’s attorney, Charles Peckham,  on expanding  the scope of the case to include other doctors who have treated Jackson in the past One Doctor under consideration to be named is dermatologist Arnold Klein.

“We are looking at ways to expand the scope and view of this lawsuit to all those who are actually responsible for the death of Michael Jackson,” Peckham said Thursday.

Murray’s criminal attorneys have frequently named Klein with presented evidence regarding Demerol treatments that Klein gave Jackson in the months before the singer’s June 2009 death, but dermatologist was blocked from testifying by the judge.  Peckham claims that the judges ruling “severely restrained testimony that would have pointed to Dr. Murray’s innocence.”

“There is substantial proof that supports the belief that the insomnia Michael Jackson was experiencing was a result of the overmedication of Michael Jackson with Demerol,” Peckham said.

Reportedly, defense expert explained in the criminal case that some of the symptoms of withdrawal from the drug are similar to those caused by use of the anesthetic propofol, and that is what killed Jackson.  Murray claimed to have been  giving propofol treatments to Jackson to help him sleep at the time that he was planning a series of comeback concerts.  Murray’s attorneys plan to appeal his conviction.  Until then he is to remain in jail without bail until his sentencing.  It is on the day of sentencing that prosecutors could seek restitution on behalf of Jackson’s family.