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Prince’s Illegal Drug Suppliers Could Face Murder Charges


Now that the cause of Prince’s death has been identified by a medical examiner, a criminal investigation has been launched to determine how he obtained synthetic opioids. TMZ has learned that this is a bit more complicated than a prescription. A source associated with the investigation has revealed that they have known “for a long time” that Fentanyl, which is 100 times more powerful than morphine, caused the singer’s death. However, law enforcement have instead focused investigative efforts on his “illicit” drug possession. Although said source didn’t go into details about methods, it was mentioned that a main focus of interest would be on if doctors prescribed medication to a third party, knowing it could actually go to someone else.

According to TMZ, both state and federal prosecutors how Prince got drugs and who facilitated it. Authorities have obtained a search warrant for Prince’s primary care physician, and have searched the Walgreens pharmacy that was known for filling the singer’s prescriptions. If Prince was prescribed with got an unauthorized refill on drugs that killed him, those found responsible will be charged with murder and given 25 years in prison.