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Prince Does Rap Song With Rita Ora

Rita Ora/Prince

Prince has announced his plans to enter into the Hip Hop genre. The “Little Red Corvette” singer has told The Star Tribune that he has done a rap song with Roc Nation pop singer, Rita Ora.

“Ever impatient, Prince asked Welton to play a tune they made recently with British pop sensation Rita Ora. It’s a rare Rap song on which the music was as aggressive and menacing as the rapping. Prince talked about the urgency of releasing that tune because with Ora ‘time is money.’ As a celebrity with lots of endorsements, she makes money walking out of the house wearing a certain kind of makeup or sunglasses, he explained.”

Rita then confirmed the news when speaking to The Paper about working with Prince.

“We did a few tracks together,” she said. “I flew to Minneapolis and went to Paisley Park, which is like his iconic studios and we just made music. I was there for a week. It was the best thing I have ever done in my life.”

We’ll keep you posted as we learn anything new about this developing project

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