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Pharrell And Nile Rodgers Inject Their Soul Into “Get Lucky” By Daft Punk: A Look Behind The Song

Daft Punk Featuring Pharrell Williams And Nile Rodgers

Daft Punk Featuring Pharrell Williams And Nile Rodgers

When it comes to new music, the biggest story out in the past few days has to be the mega successful debut of the new Daft Punk hit called “Get Lucky.” After its release this past Friday, the song that features Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams went on to become the most streamed song on Spotify ever in the US and UK.  In fact, to us, the coolest thing about this song is the history we traced behind it, and how it may have played a role in the song’s success.

The story behind “Get Lucky” and its album Random Access Memories began in 2001 when Nile Rodgers of Chic met Daft Punk at a New York listening party for their Discovery album.  The duo expressed their appreciation for Chic’s music, and told Rodgers about the influence it had on their 1997 single, “All Around The World.”  Luckily for all of us music fans they all decided to remain friends from then on, and stayed in touch.

Rodgers discussed his relationship with Daft Punk while talking with Rolling Stone at the end of March.  In Rolling Stone’s coverage he explained how his work with artists like Daft Punk and Adam Lambert are examples of a career resurgence based on the mix of trend changes and personal relationships. This is significant when looking at Daft Punk’s history because it appears they did the same thing when making “Get Lucky. “

While Daft Punk built their relationship with Nile Rodgers out of the emulation and influence of Chic, Pharrell’s role on “Get Lucky” was probably born out of the confidence that they’ve made hot music together in the past. Daft Punk worked on the Nothing album for Pharrell’s band N.E.R.D.  Pharrell’s production duo The Neptunes joined Daft Punk to co-produce a fantastic funk and Hip Hop hybrid called “Hypnotize U.”  In many ways it was a precursor to “Get Lucky”’s more refined universal appeal. In all likelihood that fact wasn’t lost on the duo that Pharrell affectionately calls “The robots.”  He described Daft Punk’s composition of the track in Columbia’s fantastic promo documentary.  Based on Pharrell’s reaction, Rodgers’ playing matched what he wanted to try, and that chemistry took their sound to the next level.

The song is moving fast in America and around the world  It topped the iTunes chart in 50 countries, even though Daft Punk hadn’t released an album in the US since 2005’s Human After All.  This is probably because they were introduced to a whole new EDM loving generation when they produced the very critically acclaimed score for Walt Disney Pictures’ Tron Legacy.  As Disney lovers ourselves, we have to admit, we were thrilled by it, and looked at them with a whole new appreciation ever since.  We must not be alone because the soundtrack was certified gold.

As far as we’re concerned Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” success has been a long time coming.  We think it’s well deserved, and a great example of how artistry can rise to the top with the right boost.  Check out all the related media below and see if you agree.

Daft Punk Featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers

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