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Perez Hilton Produces Justin Bieber?

Perez Hilton, Perez Hilton MTV

Perez Hilton, Perez Hilton MTV

Teen Star Justin Bieber has been everywhere lately, promoting his album My World 2.0, which hits stores tomorrow.  Considering his career in the mainstream has been a matter of months long, he has to be the fastest rising stars of his generation.  Tomorrow’s release will mark the second album in 4 months time released by the freshly 16 year old singer.  Already certified platinum in pre sales, this kid is turning the heads of literally everyone in the music business. One of those heads is   that of self proclaimed “Queen of All Media. fellow blogger turned record executive Perez Hilton.

Just as it has been speculated about on the blogs Entertainment magazines, Perez Hilton does infact have a label imprint deal with Warner Brothers Records.  While JB is with Island Def Jam through and through, Perez’s diving into the music industry has made him available to a pool of producers trying to make it.  Hearing an opportunity for JB in the work of production team Steryiotype, Hilton played middle man between camps and made the track happen.

Hilton discussed his role in Bieber song making at his high profile South by South West Party.

Hear what he had  to say below:

Justin Bieber’s emasculate new media promotion team has been kind enough to make the Album for preview  on You Tube  The track Perez was involved in is called “Somebody To Love.”  See what you think below.

Track 1

“Baby” F/Ludacris