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Oprah Conducts What May Be Lady Gaga’s Most Personal Interview To Date

Video Still from Lady Gaga's Interview on Oprah's Next Chapter

Video Still from Lady Gaga's Interview on Oprah's Next Chapter

Talk show queen turned network owner Oprah Winfrey made big headlines  yesterday when the news broke that she was restructuring her struggling OWN cable network, canceling the show of her friend Rosie” O’Donnell, and laying off 30 OWN employees.  While this news is unfortunate at this tough time in our country’s job market, its no real surprise. Generally if  one looks at the history of most networks, they will find  that at one time or another, they all had to go through serious growing pains before hitting their stride with an audience.  Being self proclaimed media geeks ourselves, we can see how the network may have some problems, but after taking that into account, we did notice that the network does also have some genuinely interesting programming.  Therefore, while OWN is currently enduring a small PR spanking for its growing pains, we thought it would be cool to try and look to the positives by remind everyone of Oprah’s ultra exclusive interview with  reigning queen of Pop, Lady Gaga.

For the highly intimate interview feature that serves as part of the OWN show called Oprah’s Next Chapter, Winfrey conducts a 2 hour interview with the famously theatrical star, and uses an unprecedented amount of access to show Gaga  in what is  arguably the most personal way she’s been ever been shown on TV.  In the preview clips provided by, we see Lady Gaga aka Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, discussing her fame, her creative process, and provids a glimpses into her perspective on the world.  What is most interesting however, is that Oprah’s all access pass allowed us to see who the person behind the persona is, and what her life was like growing up in New York City.

This intimacy was achieved because much of the interview was conducted  from her childhood home.  For the interview Gaga and Oprah are joined by Gaga’s mother Cynthia, and the three of them discuss personal details of her family with the aid of home  pictures and videos. Having interviewed a handful of celebrities ourselves, we found all of this to be particularly poignant, because when we had a brief interaction with Lady Gaga ourselves at a media event, it became very clear how much she utilizes her persona in personal interaction as well.  The consistent projection of that persona makes getting such an interview very hard to achieve.

For whatever reason, Gaga felt comfortable enough with Ms Winfrey to remove the cloak of her persona and show a very large amount of her real personal life.  This willingness to reveal is also very significant to note, because of the fact that while sharing this rarely shown personal side, Gaga also reveals that she intends to retreat from the public eye “for a very long time.”

“Other than this interview, Oprah, I do not intend to speak to anyone for a very long time,”

“No press, no television, if my mom calls and says, ‘Did you hear about…’ I shut it all off.”

Although that notion is slightly disappointing for us personally because Lady Gaga is someone on our personal list of people that we’ve wanted to interview for a long time, we fully understand, and concede to the fact that based on what we’ve seen in preview clips, Oprah’s interview is very close to the kind of interview we would have liked to have with the singer.  Therefore, we felt compelled to share as much of it with you as we could. We’re pretty sure that if you watch the clips, you’ll see why we think so highly of it.  The Lady Gaga edition of Oprah’s Next Chapter is all set to air this Sunday at 9 PMo 8C on OWN.  Enjoy the previews below.

Sneak Previews Of Oprah’s Next Chapter Provided by

The Truth About Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

Oprah sits down with Lady Gaga in her family’s New York City apartment to discuss everything from her childhood to her bold fashion choices. Watch as Gaga discusses the infamous meat dress—a gown made of raw beef—she wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. What did her family think? How did it smell at the end of the night? Click the link below to find out .

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Lady Gaga Surprises Three Brave Teens

During Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation event at Harvard University, the chart-topping pop star takes a moment to meet three brave teens who say her message and her music changed their lives. Watch as Gaga surprises Vance, Chris and Ruthanne with an impromptu performance.

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What Lady Gaga’s Mom Wants You to Know About Her Daughter

Before she was known around the world as Lady Gaga, Stefani Germanotta was just like millions of teens: She was bullied for being an individual. Cynthia Germanotta, Lady Gaga’s mother, discusses the humiliation her daughter endured. Then, Cynthia reveals what she wants everyone to know about her famous daughter.

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Exclusive Webisode: Who Is Lady Gaga?

Oprah asks Lady Gaga a question that spiritual leader Deepak Chopra once asked her: “Who are you?” Gaga’s answer may surprise you. Plus, this music superstar reveals what she really wants out of life.

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Exclusive Webisode: What Lady Gaga Dislikes Most About Fame

Lady Gaga says what she dislikes most about fame is that people think you don’t have time for their problems. How did she get her friends and family to share their hardships with her? Find out now.

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Lady Gaga’s Greatest Fear and Creative Process

Lady Gaga opens up about her greatest fear and unique creative process. Learn why she shuts herself off from the media, television and music news while working on an album. Plus, Gaga tells Oprah that she won’t be giving any interviews for a very long time.

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Lady Gaga’s Mom Discusses Her Daughter’s Provocative Start

Lady Gaga’s mother, Cynthia Germanotta, opens up about her daughter’s early years and provocative start in the music business. How did Gaga’s parents feel about her early work with performance artist Lady Starlight? Watch and see!

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Inside Lady Gaga’s New York City Apartment

For the first time, Lady Gaga invites cameras inside the three-level New York City apartment she grew up in and still calls home. Watch as Gaga gives Oprah a tour and shows her the baby grand piano her parents gave her on her 13th birthday. Plus, Gaga shares never-before-seen home videos of herself as a girl.

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Why Lady Gaga’s Mother Worries About Her Daughter

While having tea with Oprah and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, Lady Gaga reveals a private side of herself that’s rarely discussed. Watch as Gaga opens up about her creative process, which sometimes involves alcohol, medication and complete hibernation. Then, Cynthia explains how she learned to deal with her daughter’s temporary retreat from the world.

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