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One Direction Talks Working WIth Justin Bieber

One Direction and Justin Bieber

One Direction and Justin Bieber

By now anyone that has been following Pop music within the last few months has to know about Britain’s hottest Boy Band Import, One Direction.  The momentum of their invasion lead to recently developed rumors  in the blogisphere  that the UK teen stars are gearing up to team up with America’s imported teen phenomenon from Canada, Justin Bieber.  It looks like the rumors and social media messages lead an already eager fan base to run rampant with what was otherwise just a fun idea, creating a snowball effect of attention for something that as it turns out wasn’t really happening.     Recognizing that the confusion was having a snowball effect in the groups’ exploding PR, they decidedly cleared things up when recently talking with MTV News.

“We actually went down to the studio to listen to some of Justin Bieber’s tracks,” said One Direction’s Liam Payne . “He invited us down and we had a good listen, but there’s no real collaboration or anything.” Payne continued, “We were just having a listen to some of his music and hanging out. [It’s a] really good, really good album.”

It seeems like the two separate sensations have plenty on their plates that they have to focus on as it is.  While the guys of 1D have the task of managing their relatively fresh and exploding American fame, Bieber continues to make headlines by promoting his highly anticipated Believe album.    The Youtube born star has been strategically wetting the appetites of beliebers everywhere by dropping very specific hints of what fans can expect while leaving them wanting more.

“The music is very fresh, but it’s also I’m taking a lot from old school music,” the singer recently explained while discussing the pursuit  of a new phase in his career when he recently talked with Ryan Seacrest.  “A lot of Michael Jackson is inspired in this album. A lot of old R&B. A lot of old pop. Just stuff that I feel I can bring into, but also make fresh and new.”

Those influences were crystal clear when Bieber went virally wild when he recently  released a series of 13 second clips from the music video for his international hit single, “Boyfriend”. He can even be seen striking a Jackson like pose in preview clip number 3.  We’ve provided all of the preview clips below incase you haven’t had a chance to see them yet.  Little more is known about the video’s details or release date.  We will gladly keep you posted on any changes.  Enjoy the clips below in the meantime.

Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” Video Clip #1

Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” Video Clip #2

Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” Video Clip #3

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