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One Direction Is NOT Breaking Up Yet Despite False Reports

Well you know the old saying; don’t believe everything you read! This appears to be especially true when it comes to One Direction news. Just yesterday (January 13, 2016) the Internet was on fire with 1D chatter after a report from US Weekly went viral. This is because that article contained some very key information about the status of the group’s future.

The report claimed that a source close to the boy band was saying that their intended hiatus that they announced to the world just last month was in fact a permanent break up. While this was shocking and sad for some fans, others saw it coming and believed this to be true immdiately . After Zayn Malik’s departure last year, some people began wondering just how long the remaining four members could keep it together. The status of the group was seen as shaky again when news broke that Louis Tomlinson was becoming a father with former girlfriend, Briana Jungwirth as well. All that talk combined with the news that Harry Styles was working on solo music with Ryan Tedder, had the blogs and tabloids saying 1D’s days were numbered. However it looks like US Weekly may need a fact checker before hitting the publish button next time.

US Weekly’s scoop was shot down by an article written by Erin Strecker of before the end of last night. (January 13, 2016) Erin wrote that a source close to One Direction reported to Billboard that “nothing has changed regarding hiatus plans for the group, and all will be revealed in due time from the band members’ own mouths.” So rest easy 1D fans, it isn’t the end just yet. However since there won’t be another One Direction album for quite some time, fans can keep an eye out for those possible future solo projects, and Louis and Liam’s upcoming guest appearance on an episode of Family Guy coming soon.