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NYC Judge Denies Kesha Release From Her Contract With Sony Music

Kesha/Dr. Luke/Sony Music Entertainment

Despite the public support of fans who greeted her at a New York City courthouse this morning, a judge has ruled that Kesha will not be let out of her contract with Sony Music Entertainment. As previously reported, the “tick toc” singer sued for an injunction, claiming that her longtime producer, and Kemosabe Records label head Dr. Luke, verbally, mentally, physically, and sexually abused her. The judge denied her claim, saying that she has the option to work with other producer signed with Sony.

Reports by TMZ state that she wept openly in court after the decision was made. Understandably, her legal team fears that Sony will use their leverage to Black ball her from working. No ruling has been made about her actual abuse claims.  That part will be determined separately.

We’ll do our best to keep you posted as the story develops.