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*NSYNC Was A No Show At “SNL 40” After Teasing Fans, Here’s What Happened


*NSYNC was in the news this weekend when they teased fans with a possible reunion on NBC’s SNL 40 that never happened. So, many people are left scratching their heads asking what the heck happened? Well the rumors all started when the band’s official Twitter tweeted



That one tweet sparked a firestorm of rumors reported by EVERY SINGLE music journalism outlet, including, Rolling Stone, E! News,, The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan,and many, many, more. Next thing you know, everyone was saying *NSYNC were confirmed performers on the show. Now, most of us know not to believe everything you read on Twitter, but with this group, this kind of mistake is certainly understandable. After all it was back in August of 2013 when the group made headlines for joining Twitter at all. This is a group that has not been active since 2002, and broke up in 2004. (According To Lance Bass’ book Out Of Sync) Why would they even need to be joining Twitter? Sure enough our questions were answered when JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, and Lance Bass joined Justin Timberlake on stage at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards during his Video Vanguard Award performance. The group was “Together Again”, and while there were no plans for new music, or a tour, it was clear that everyone was still friendly with one another. Ever since then, many fans were holding out hope that maybe one day Justin would open that door again to make new *NSYNC music possible. The fans continued to wish for this when various group members showed up to support, JT on his The 20/20 Experience World Tour.

*NSYNC’s First Tweet Before Reuniting


So after using Twitter to reintroduce themselves back in 2013, why would they tweet about being “together again” at SNL 40 to make the Internet go crazy? Well, the answer is like many other recent *NSYNC sightings, they were there to support Justin and nothing more! Lance Bass later confirmed this on his personal Twitter account right before the show.

In fact has also confirmed that group member ,JC Chasez was not even there! He was with family to show support to his sister, who was giving birth. (Congrats to JC and his family) So it could be argued that maybe *NSYNC’s official Twitter shouldn’t have teased their fans to lead them on, especially since a new *NSYNC album was recently the subject of a giant April fool’s joke on But at the same time, the guys have a right to celebrate with Justin and show him support the same way they tweeted support for Lance’s recent wedding celebration on E!