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Nile Rodgers Calls ‘Get Lucky’ The Most ‘Influential’ Song of His Career, Looks Ahead to Avicii & Adam Lambert Collab

Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers‘ status as a bona fide music legend has been long solidified. Starting with his pioneering work in the 1970s producing hits for his band Chic (“Good Times,” “Le Freak”) and other acts like Sister Sledge (“We Are Family”), his success would stretch through the ’80s with groundbreaking albums from such artists as Madonna(Like A Virgin) and David Bowie (Let’s Dance).

Now that he’s co-written Daft Punk‘s current smash, “Get Lucky,” Nile Rodgers is more in-demand than ever. Rodgers sat down with New York’s 92.3 NOW (a station) yesterday (Aug. 7) to talk about the state of the music industry, and how his Daft Punk collaboration could be the most important track of his illustrious career.

“The growth in the industry is 19 percent this last year, which is huge because now we’re approaching numbers that I’m accustomed to, like the numbers I grew up with,” Rodgers noted. “I co-wrote–I think it’s still the biggest song of the year this year, Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky.’ It’s not the biggest seller of my life, but it’s in a weird way one of the most influential, because it’s the only record that I’ve had that’s been No. 1 in 97 countries simultaneously. That’s half the countries in the entire world. That was a statistic that I never even knew people kept track of.

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In Related Daft Punk collaboration news, the hit making collective of Pharrell, Nile and The Robots (Daft Punk nick name)  didn’t stop at “Get Lucky.” Pharrell  and Nile helped  Daft continue the licks of their “Get Lucky” foursome of funk music on “Lose Yourself To Dance.”  Perhaps they’re hoping that lightning will strike twice, because “Lose Yourself To Dance” was recently released as Random Access Memories’ latest single.

It instantly got our necks grovin’ and prompted us to revisit the entire album beyond the overwhelming swag of “Get Lucky.” We encourage you to check out “Lose Yourself To Dance” We’re betting that if you dig it, you’ll do the same. Enjoy!

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