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#NewMusicMonday is back!

One Direction “You And I “Music Video

Now a days it seems new music is always harder to find, due to the clutter of overplayed songs on the radio. But have no fear, Clizbeats is here, with the return of our weekly segment #NewMusicMondays!

What better way to start #NewMusicMondays then with a relatively unknown new artist or song.

At the ripe age of 17, Cody Simpson continues to strive for his share  mainstream attention. The Australian pop singer’s newest single “Surfboard” is an unique blend of slow and fast moving beats set to allegorical lyrics involving a surfboard and a girl.

Cody Simpson 


Atlantic Records 

Speaking of allegories, Katy Perry’s newest single is anything but subtle in that department. The chorus for Perry’s “Birthday” is about wanting to get you in your birthday suit and bringing out your big balloons (we will leave the rest up to your imagination).

Katy Perry


Capitol Records

MAGIC!’s new song “Rude,” is a stark contrast to the prior two songs, with an an almost unheard of combination of Reggae and pop. The Reggae pop band’s newest track is slow and rhythmic throughout, and revolves around the lead singers dilemma with a girl.



RCA Records

Then there’s the band that’s only dilemma is being loved by too many girls, One Direction. In their newest music video for “You and I,” featuring some clever editing and cutting, the boys walk down a boardwalk promising vows of unbreakable commitment, presumably getting every girl in the worlds hopes up.

One Direction 

“You And I”

Syco Music/Columbia Records

Whether it’s from established,reliable artists or unique, interesting new ones, there’s plenty of new music to be discovered every day. So be sure to check back here every monday for #NewMusicMonday!


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