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New Rihanna Music Directed At Chris Brown? Feb 12, 2009

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Today a leaked Rihanna song surfaced. The song is called “Emergency Room”, and is rumored to be directed at Chris Brown because of lyrics. The song is a duet with her and Akon. Akon plays the role of Rihanna’s love interest in the song. Some key lyrics that suggest this being directed to Chris Brown include the following.

After 3 years, I’ma let it go
I ain’t standin around crying no more
Got your bags packed sitting by the door
Ima leave your heart broken on the floor”


“I’m fighting with myself
I can’t hurt you even though you hurt me”

This is all related to the recent developments in the recent Chris Brown assault on Rihanna. reported on the details of the story this morning. CLICK HERE AND READ IT Apparently, this is not the first time Chris Brown has put his hands on her.


“Emergency Room” featuring Akon

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