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New Miley Cyrus “When I Look At You”


Miley Cyrus is releasing the second single from her 2009 EP Time Of Our Lives. She follows her smash hit “Party In The USA” with “When I Look At You.” The song is also featured as the first single from the soundtrack to Miley’s new film, The Last Song from Offspring Entertainment/Touchstone Pictures based on the novel from Nicholas Sparls.

The song was written by Hillary Lindsay and producer of “The Climb”,  Miley’s biggest Pop Cross over record to date, John Shanks.. The music video was used in some of the original promotions for The Last Song film. Cyrus also performed the song on the opening night of her winter 2009 tour featuring  the trailer from the film on screen behind her.

Even though it is no secret that the music video is not new, the song is gearing up to impact with the release of the film at the end of March. The movie looks like it could be what Cyrus needs to evolve as an actress, and the song is going to be another great power ballad on her resume.

Miley Cyrus

“When I Look You”

From The Last Song Soundtrack/Time Of Our Lives

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The Last Song

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Offspring Entertainment/Touchstone Pictures