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New Lady Gaga Hits The Web

Born this Way album art Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga "Born This Way", Kon Live/Streamline/Interscope Records

New Lady Gaga hit the web today via, and her monstrous fans are eating it up like crazy.  The untitled teaser, that, is calling has identifed as”Scheibez”, was remixed for the Thierry Mugler Fashion show in Paris.  It is also important to note that Hiltion points out that the current remixed version of the song leaves out its intended hook to presumably help build suspense.

Born This Way will mark the 3rd album in three years for the “Just Dance” singer.  The first single is expected to be released on February 13th, with the entire album set to hit stores and ITunes on May 23rd.  Mark Your calendars.   To watch’s exclusive short fim featuring the song, Click here.