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New Kid Rock Music Video “Collide”

Kid Rock "Born Free" Top Dog/Atlantic Records

Kid Rock "Born Free" Top Dog/Atlantic Records

Country, Southern Rock, and rapper Kid Rock is back with a new music video from his gold certified album, Born Free. The song is Kid Rock’s second collaboration with singer/song writer, Sheryl Crow. The first came with they release of his 2002 breakout hit, “Picture”, from his album, Cocky. “Picture”  helped usher Kid Rock into the Country music/Southern Rock genre.

They are hoping lightning will strike twice while keeping with a similar theme to “Picture.” In many ways after listening to the lyrics of both songs, “Collide” can be considered the sequel to “Picture.” This time however, the song is not only a duet with Crow, but also features Bob Seger on piano. The video was first  released by Atlantic Records ub April and is sure to get a lot of attention soon!

Kid Rock Featuring Sheryl Crow & Bob Seger


From Born Free

Top Dog/Atlantic Records