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New Kid Rock Album “Born Free” Coming Soon!


Kid Rock "Born Free" Top Dog/Atlantic Records

Kid Rock "Born Free" Top Dog/Atlantic Records

Ever since the success of his break through Country/Pop single, “Picture” with Sheryl Crow in 2002, Kid Rock’s fan base has gone from Hip Hop/Rap to more of a group of Southern Rock/Country fans, as  he grew up with his art. That tradition continues even further with the upcoming release of his eighth album. That album is Born Free and it is full of music that Kid Rock describes as “”very organic blues based rock and roll.” It was produced by legendary producer  and co-founder of Def Jam Records, Rick Rubin. (Beastie Boys, Johnny Cash, LL Cool J, Dixie Chicks, Josh Groban, Linkin Park, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z). Even though it is also described by Kid Rock as “straight Rock N Roll”, the album features an A-list of guest performers that only Kid Rock could put together. Some of these guest performers include,  Sheryl Crow, Bob Seger and Zac Brown. The album also features Country star Martina McBride and Atlanta Rap star, T.I.both performing with him on the same song! Yes that’s right you read that right, T.I. will appear along side Martina McBride on Kid Rock’s new song, “Care.”

The first single off the project will be the title track in which he performed on the CMA Awards. The album is due for release from Atlantic Records on November 16th! It will be Kid Rock’s first studio album that will not carry a Parental Advisory label.

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Top Dog/Atlantic Records


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