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New Hip Hopper Wants You As A Fan! (Free Music)

demic Pay

If you know us here at Clizbeats, you know we love and respect hard work and dedication to their music, wanting to make it more then anything.  This is particularly true for an up and coming Emcee by the name of Demic. This Island born rapper rapper found his dream shortly after moving to the US with his family.  Living in Centeral New Jersey, Demic was bit by the music while toying with a pirated copy of music editing software called Fruity Loops. After making his first beat in his parents garage, he grew to have respect from local fans, and even had a family friend see potential in him, gifting  him an  MPC 2000XL to help him grow as a producer.

Things got even more serious for Demic when he left home for Orlando where he would study music intensely  on a daily basis, always keeping the goal of his dream in mind. After moving back home, he’s ready to come correct when staking a claim in the game.  Shortly after returning home, Demic assembled his crew of supporters and formed his own Urban Background Entertainment LLC    ready to get started correctly.  Wasting no time, he has already toured nationally, acquiring sponsors like TGI Fridays, Demic is working hard for his chance for you to hear him.

Take a listen to his song “Pay”! If you like it he has authorized Clizbeats to give it away as a free download for you to enjoy, and hopefully get you hook for more!



Rat Race (EP)

Urban Background Entertainment

Download “Pay” By Demic Here