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New Details Emerge About Prince’s Longterm Percocet Addiction


Well, it looks like TMZ may have broken more details related to Prince’s death. According to their newly published exclusive, Prince was addicted to Percocet for years before his death

They claim to have multiple sources associated with the singer’s family, stating that doctors prescribed the powerful painkiller when he was having hip problems and corrective surgery in 2009. TMZ states that he had said surgery sometime around 2010, but by then he was became addicted to Percocet.

Reports indicate that Prince developed an occasionally debilitating dependency on Percocet from that point on. TMZ broke the story, Prince almost died from overdosing on Percocet 6 days before he was found dead at his Paisley Park home. It has since been reported that he made 4 trips to a nearby Walgreens pharmacy. Authorities are reportedly investigating who prescribed and filled the singer’s prescriptions.