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New Deal With Sony Music And Michael Jackson Estate

Michael Jackson 8/29/1958-6/25/2009

Michael Jackson 8/29/1958-6/25/2009

The Los Angeles Times reports that the parent company of Michael Jackson’s label, Epic Records, Sony Music Entertainment  has reached a huge deal with Jackson’s estate. The new seven year deal will include as many as 10 new Michael Jackson projects. This includes unreleased audio and/or music, as well as DVDs, and even possibly video games!

The Chairman of the Columbia Epic Label Group, Rob Stringer said

“the audio rights span across different projects. There may be theater. There may be films and movies. There may be computer games — or multimedia platforms that I don’t know about today that will happen in 2015.”

The LA Times also noted that the new Jackson deal with Sony eclipses’ s the 110 million dollar seven album deal Columbia Records made with Bruce Springstien from 2005. The estate of Elvis Presley takes in near or over 80 million dollars a year. Only time will tell if MJ can do the same!