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Nelly Furtado Shows Off Her “Spirit Indestructible” With New Music

Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado

Everyone’s favorite promiscuous girl, Nelly Furtado has been showing off her “indestructible spirit” lately, with the recently  announced the up and coming new album,  The Spirit Indestructible. The “Say It Right” singer’s fifth album is set to drop on June 19th, and features it’s lead single, “Big Hoops (Bigger Is Better),” which was first released to ITunes last week. Furtado co-wrote on every track of the album and once again collaborated with some of the industry’s biggest producers.  Little more specifics were made available to us at this point. However, she did discuss her goals for this new project in a recent statement that accompany the release of its lead single to the media last week.

“This album is all about positivity, youth, good energy, and the relentlessness of the spirit. I want people to live this music the way we did when we wrote it. I want them to jump, dance, scream, laugh, cry, love, and vibe to it, and to turn it up very loud everywhere.”

We’ll gladly keep you posted as fresh detail are made available to us. In the mean time, check out her “Big Hoops (Bigger Is Better),” below and see if you dig it.  Enjoy.

Nelly Furtado

“Big Hoops (Bigger Is Better),”

From: The Spirit Indestructible

Mosely Music Group/Interscope Records