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Natalie La Rose: More Than “Somebody”

Natalie La Rose

Earlier this year Natalie La Rose took the pop music world by storm when her debut single, “Somebody” made her the first new female artist to top the Rhythmic singles chart in 2015. In this exclusive interview you will hear the remarkable story of how this fan of American R&B went from aspiring dancer/performer from Amsterdam, to becoming Republic Records’ latest platinum selling artists. Get the details on how Natalie risked it all moving to America to follow her dream, only to watch them to start to come true with the help of Flo Rida. Discover Natalie’s passion for all things in the music industry that will prove that this is just the beginning for her. Get the scoop on Natalie’s entire journey in this exclusive audio production! Enjoy


Audio Feature Credits 

Host::: Matt Clizbe

Interview and Written By Craig Clizbe  and Matt Clizbe

Produced, Edited, Mixed, and Engineered By Craig Clizbe

Special Thanks: Natalie La Rose, Marisa Bianco, Andrew George, And Republic Records

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