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*N Sync’s Holiday Classic

*N Sync "Home For Christmas" RCA Records

*N Sync "Home For Christmas" RCA Records

Upon looking back on Justin Timberlake’s career as a musician, if there was ever an early sign that showed the potential of him becoming the creative of a song writer and producer that he has become, it actually could be seen on *N Sync’s 1998 holiday album Home For Christmas. The album’s first and only single, “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” was one of the first hit singles Timberlake was credited as a writer on. JT co wrote the song along side group member, JC Chasez, and the song’s producer, Veit Renn. While the song only charted at #37 on the Top 40 charts after its original release in November of 1998, its universal message and a basic timeless style of contemporary production allow it to have a presence on radio and mall Christmas playlists to this day. It is truly one of the “new” Christmas classics that we will hear even more years from now. This proves that you do not always need to have a number one song to make a hit! Take a look!

*N Sync

“Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays “

From Home For Christmas

RCA Records