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Musicians React To Donald Sterling’s Racist Remarks

Donald Sterling With Girlfriend V Stiviano

by Andrew McMahon

Over the weekend,  TMZ released audio clip of NBA Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling saying while having a conversation  with then girlfriend V Stiviano. Sterling’s remarks, have since spread like wildfire, inciting reactions of outrage and anger all over the country.

Among the outraged are three of the rap communities most outspoken artists, Meek Mills, Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg. Mills blasted Sterling on twitter, stating, “He’s the definition of racism,” while Wayne and Snoop recorded individual videos, each laced with profanity, reacting to the incident (Snoop’s video was actually quoting an N.W.A song dealing with the same subject of racism).

But it’s not just t hip hop’s musicians that are appalled by the comments.  Victor Willis, the lead singer of the Village people, proclaiming on twitter that he is Boycotting the Clippers. Willis stated “Sterling, you’re banned from playing “Y.M.C.A.” or any of my music at L.A. Clipper games.”

It’s safe to say that this won’t be the last form of protest that Sterling will face, and we wouldn’t be surprised if other artists forbade their songs from being played. For Clippers fans, if you feel like you’re doing without, we suggest you put the game on mute and do the Y.M.C.A at home.  If that isn’t good enough, put the heat on Sterling. Hopefully  all of this craziness doesn’t affect that actual teams ‘s playoff chances! Our best to the Clippers’ players.

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