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Music Super Stars Too Busy For Bieber?

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Twitter loving music fans may recall some Bieber based chatter saying that the Pop star was teaming up with a cast of musical characters to form a super group.  That “super group” was rumored to include Maroon 5’s Adam Levine, super producer/Onerepublic frontman Ryan Tedder, and of course long time Bieber bodyguard, Kenny Hamilton.  Although the Bieb has basically done anything he’s ever wanted in the business so far, Adam Levine  took to the radio to saying not right now.

The Maroon 5 frontman/The Voice coach jokingly cleared up the ramped rumors while interviewing with Ryan Seacrest on his nationally syndicated radio show yesterday.

“We were in the same studio at the same time and I know those guys, we screw around and play video games and stuff. We were just basically screwing around and being silly in front of millions of people. So, clearly there was a misunderstanding of what was going on. The fact of the matter is nothing.”

Other than Mr. Hamilton, it’s doubtful that any of the  “Super group” members would have time for it anyway.  NBC launched the live shows of its hit music competition show  The Voice last night.  That alone would limit Adam’s availability to the greater LA area for the relatively near future.  Not to mention the fact that he and his current/ actually real band have their own album to look after right now.  Adam and the rest of the guys are set t0 release their latest album, Over Exposed in June, and every hint he’s given is making us curiouser and curiouser.  “It sounds different, I think”, Adam described to Seacrest.  “There’s a lot of different flavors and it’s kind of our popiest record, but it’s also not and basically is. Is that convoluted enough?”

Perhaps Adam should talk his bandmates into renaming the album “over worked,”  because  it looks like he wont be stopping there.  While chatting with Seacrest, Levine also revealed that he has been working with executive producer Ryan Murphy to appear in FX’s American Horror Story TV show.

“Yeah, it is pretty much happening,” Adam told Seacrest. “I don’t know how much I can divulge, because Ryan [Murphy] keeps it very under wraps. It’s going to be fun and I told him I didn’t really know what I was doing, but he didn’t seem to care. So, I’m going to go and just try to be acting. I think I’m going to be playing myself, so hopefully it will be easy.”

Although, he didn’t stop by Seacrest’s KIISFM based headquarters to make a similar announcement, one look at recent work from the fantastically talented Ryan Tedder does plenty to imply that he’s already way too busy as well.  It doesn’t appear that he’s bitten by the TV bug  just yet. However,  that’s probably only because  he’s still being devoured thoroughly by the music bug.  In addition to serving as front man and primary creative force behind the critically acclaimed and commercially  successful band Onerepublic, Tedder continues to flourish in his role as one of the most diversely talented producer/writers in today’s music industry.

Some fresh tracks he notably applied his very valuable attention to that are currently making an impact are, Gymclass Heroes “Fighter  “, Colbie  Caillat’s “Favorite Song”, and Gavin DeGraw’s “Sweeter”.  Infact his work with Caillat and DeGraw is particularly poignant.  When statistically broken down and compared back to back, the true value of his hit making track record and its influence becomes very clear.

Both of these artist’s new  songs are significant because they are follow ups to hit singles that were also produced and/or written by Tedder.  His previous hit for DeGraw was the lead single from Gavin’s  album that was also titled  Sweeter, called “Not Over You”. It broke the top ten of Bilboard’s US Pop chart, and hit number 1 on the the Adult Top 40 chart..  His previous contribution for Colbie also did well.  Their partnership  created the lead single to her album All For You, called Brighter Than The Sun”.   “Brighter Than The Sun” also managed to hit the number 1 spot on both of Billboard’s Adult contemporary and Adult Pop songs charts.

Both”Brighter Than The Sun” and “Not Over You”, had an incredible presence, becoming radio favorites for the better part of last year.   Now that Colbie has release “Favorite Song” at nearly  the same time as the online debut of Gavin’s “Sweeter” music video, the singers’ Tedder boosted dominance of last year is likely repeat itself, placing the Onerepublic frontman in a continued high demand for hit making.

However, before Tedder, Levine, and perhaps even Bieber bodyguard  Kenny Hamilton can be blamed for band blocking, we have to remember that a lot of the busyness that would ultimately make this Twitter born musical fantasy  unlikely, belongs to Bieber himself.  Since its release on March 26th, Justin’s lead single “Boyfriend instantly began to dominate charts across the world, accelerating the already speeding Bieber train of PR, charity, and what feels like a non stop cycle of album making for him and now his new record company signee Carly Rae Japsen.  “Boyfriend”‘s  highly anticipated Believe album is due out this this summer with videos, tours, and mounds of press that are more than likely to follow. So no matter how fun, the idea of a  Bieber, Levine, Tedder, and Hamilton collaborating would be, it’s hard to practically expect for now.

Don’t  be disappointed though. If any combo of incredibly busy  musicians could pull such a feet off, it would be them.  After all, Justin said it himself: Never Say Never!

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