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Music Biz Gets Political! With Jay-Z PSA


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With 2010 being an election year, you can’t turn on the radio or TV with out hearing some kind of political ad of local and regional politicians swapping some kind of insult or verbally blurry factoid about how they’re better then their opponent, and leaving the socially conscious of us feeling like we need to do more homework then before we saw these various approved messages.  Well as always, when we are at the highest state of collective indecisiveness, we can count on various politically minded celebs to serve as a beckon of light that  speaks to youth, and provide motivation for a much needed movment to the polls.  Today Jay-Z, Micheal Franti, Ben Harper, The Roots, and others made blog headlines for participating ing a serise of viral video and broadcast PSA ‘s for and its campaign, “Vote Again 2010.”

On the site you can find all young/first time voters and, to help motivate the musically minded voters, fans can pledge their vote, and potentially receive phone calls from music notables like, ?uestlove of The Roots, WIllie Nelson, Bob Weir of The Greatful Dead, Yim Yames of My Morning Jacket, and others. Try to use it as a valuable  resource to direct you the proper informative materials for all you young and old music fans alike to unite, get involved, and most importantly get informed.  Check out and see if you vibe with what they’re trying to do.

Jay-Z’s contribution to “Vote Again 2o1o” will be hitting the air waves of CBS and other major networks in the form of the 30second PSA found below.

Jay-Z “Vote Again 2010 PSA”