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Morgan Spurlock’s “Day In The Life” Of Will I Am


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Those of you that follow @Clizbeats on Twitter may recall our budding online relationship of mutual respect and admiration with the good people at the HULU based documentary show A Day In The Life. Produced by the famed  documentarian Morgan Spurlock, the objective of his new online program is to  follow a wide variety of highly accomplished individuals through 24 hours of their interesting and unique lives.  Airing every Wednesday, their most recent episode features Black Eyed Peas front man, Will I Am.  A Day In The Life follows Will on the road over seas in Paris France. While there , he stops  to speak at a local public school in the low income area of Paris’ District 20.  He discusses with both the children and the crew of A Day In The Life about the value of education and sciences in our world’s global community of the 21st century. Afterward, it was off to hanging with America’s ambassador to France, and to join the rest of his BEP band mate for a sold out stadium show.  It is quite the portrait of a truly fascinating individual, and a great example of an intelligent  and stimulating show.

The creative minds that work at Clizbeats have been fans of Spurlock since our  documentary making days at Temple University, and we aren’t even going to pretend that we didn’t use this as a musically oriented excuse  to say so.  That being said when it comes to music related features, Spurlock truly is a guy after our own hearts.  Morgan and the gang are following up their Will I am feature by shining their spotlight on a day in the life of indie music sensation Girl Talk.  What’s next? Following a day in the life of identical triplet brothers who use their knowledge of media and the music industry to over come their shared disability of Cerebral Palsy and achieve their dream of being accomplished broadcasters?  Sounds like a good episode to us!  Maybe one day we will be lucky enough to work with Spurlock n crew.  In the mean time we have embedded   A Day In The Life’s current episode featuring Will I Am for your viewing pleasure.  Yo Morgan, get at us!  😉

A Day In The Life “Will I Am”

Warrior Poets/HULU, LLC.