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MKTO Rises Up The Chart’s With New Single “Classic”


By Andrew McMahon

Have you ever seen a new Pop music video on TV and felt like you may have seen the band  before somewhere else, bur can’t remember where?  MKTO may seem like that kind of band to you.  This is because MKTO is a duo that consists of two former Nickelodeon stars turned band mates, Marcus Kelly and Tony Oller. The duo met in 2010, while filming for the Nickelodeon show Gigantica.

After the cancellation of the show, Kelly and Oller established music a partnership, forming MKTO. The name not only represents their combined initials, but was inspired by how they felt growing up in society, feeling like “Misfit Kids and Total Outkasts,” a heavily theme conveyed in their debut single “Thank You.”

Released on Youtube January 4th, 2013, uncoincidentally during Barack Obama’s re-inauguration as President, “Thank You” is the groups way of telling the bigwigs of the older generations thanks for nothing, from the misfits and outcast of the current generation.

The success of “Thank You,” with over 7 million views on YouTube and counting, has helped MKTO’s follow up single garner a lot of mainstream popularity. Flying below the radar since June 20, 2013, “Classic” has slowly but surely making its way up the charts, and currently sits at #24 on Billboard’s Mainstream Top 40.

In a behind the scenes interview, Oller states that, “The whole concept for the song is about going back in time and reliving those great classic moments.” It’s unknown whether MKTO’s music will be deemed classics a decade from now, but there’s no doubting that right now, Kelly and Oller are two of the hardest working people in the industry.

The rest of 2014 has the potential to be a breakout year for the up and coming pop stars. But don’t simply take my word for it, check out their new single “Classics” below and see for yourself.




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“Thank You”
Columbia Records

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