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Miley Cyrus’ Personal Conversation Amanda De Cadnet

Video Still From

Video Still From The Conversation with Amanda De Cadnet On The Lifetime Network

Celebrity photographer Amanda De Cadnet recently featured Pop star/actress Miley Cyrus on her show The Conversation with Amanda De Cadnet which airs on The Lifetime Network. On the series’ fourth episode, the former Disney channel star talks with De Cadnet about her life in the most candid fashion that we’ve seen to date.  Therefore, after reviewing the episode to be fully aware of what it offered, we began prepping a page so that we could share the linked video with you.

In the interview Miley discusses realizing that her life didn’t match the public image that she had perpetuated for the press. For the first time we as an audience are given insight into her process of self discovery in her own words.  Through this intimate interview, Miley shares the process she had to go through to know who she is at her core, and what it took for her to feel comfortable in her own skin.

We felt like we should share  this interview because it achieves the goal of showing the uniqueness of her hollywood life, while also pointing out that much of what she was going through was, at its root, her version of something incredibly normal.  It shows that she is a young woman making an effort to be happy with the real her.  It is a great sign of growth and maturity on her part, and serves as a reminder that we should all strive to continually get to know ourselves.

Miley’s interview is part of the episode that we linked up here. The episode also features De Cadnet’s conversations with actress Melissa McCarthy, German fashion designer, Diane von Furstenberg, and Editor In Chief of fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar Editor, Glenda Baily.  We were impressed with the quality presentation and think you will be too.  If you do, you can find  Conversation with Amanda De Cadnet every Thursday on Lifetime.