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Mike Posner Gets Revenge On Cheating Ex With New Single

Rhythmic pop singer/producer Mike Posner has made himself famous and successful by making songs inspired by the experiences from his real life.  You probably remember that he first rose to fame when he released his debut single called, “Cooler Than Me” which he recorded in his Duke dorm room. The song was inspired by a coed from one of his classes that he liked, but eventually decided that she was “cooler than him”.  That song turned into the hit of a lifetime.  It reached # 6 on the Hot 100, and served as the launching pad for his album, 31 Minutes To Takeoff. The success of “Cooler Than Me” allowed for the release of his follow up hits, “Please Don’t Go” and “Bow chica Wow Wow”.

Now for single number 4 brings 31 Minutes To Take Off comes full circle in the real life inspired “Cheated”. As indicated by the lyrics, the song is an explicit description of being wronged by a former love, and wishing he cheated on her.  For this one he even takes the real life experience one step further, by actually shouting out her full name, “Caroline Stevens”.  It is the perfect musical embodiment of an oh snap moment, and is a must listen. Check it out below and  see what you think.

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