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Michael Jackson’s New Studio Album “Michael” Coming soon!

Michael Jackson "Michael" Epic Records/CEG

Michael Jackson "Michael" Epic Records/CEG

On December 14th Epic Records will release what will be a new Michael Jackson studio album called, Michael. Michael is a compilation of unreleased material that Jackson recorded after the release of his last studio album, Invincible in 2001. Michael has been a project that he has worked on quietly from 2001-2009. During this process he recorded material in New Jersey, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

In those years Michael secretly collaborated with the likes of Akon, Lady Gaga, producer, RedOne and Will I Am of the Black Eyed Peas. The first single from the project is, “Breaking News”, the song MJ recorded in New Jersey in 2007. Of course this all does not happen without causing a fair share of controversy. Will I Am contributed to a great deal of the later recordings as a producer, has called the project disrespectful and wrong to release these unfinished tracks without Michael’s blessing. Lawyer to Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, Brian Oxman claimed to speak on Joe’s behalf and also said, Jackson “would never have wanted his unfinished material to be released.”

Despite these comments Epic Records’ parent company, Sony Music Entertainment continues to deny this. Let’s keep in mind that this is not the first, or the last time a record label released material from a dead superstar. A good example of this is Tupac Shakur, since his death in 1996, the two distributing labels that had a hand in his career, Interscope and Jive/BMG have released some where around 16 different projects. Keeping all this in mind there is no telling how many projects Epic and Sony will come up with, but as these details on Michael continue to unfold check out “Breaking News.”

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