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Michael Jackson, YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER?!

B. Howard And Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, You are not the father!! Yes that’s right, yesterday’s DNA test that revealed that up and coming singer B. Howard was the 31 year old son of Michael Jackson is in fact fake. The organizer behind the DNA test is billionare Alki David. He and his  company, released the “results” live on the internet on Thursday, March 6th. In the video you will hear that they come from a company that has labs in Washington DC, and Ireland. However when TMZ obtained a copy of the results, they discovered that the logo for the lab is not only fake, but it is a logo that was used on promotional material for the 2009 film, Terminator Salvation. So It looks like Billie Jean was not his lover after all.

Since TMZ made their “Terminator” discovery today, the story has taken many twists and turns. We will be sure to keep an eye on the details for you, and bring you whatever true facts we learn from this mess.


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