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MGK Pays Tribute To His “Lace Up” Movement With Emotionally Charged Music Video For “See My Tears”



In the wake of the recent release off the his latest official single “Stereo”‘s music video, Bad Boy rapper and Clizbeats Featured Artist MGK has debuted the emotionally moving music video for his track “See My Tears” as a love letter to his incredibly dedicated fan base.  In the video released on his own personal You Tube channel, which is separate from his official Vevo channel, he and director “Spordy 19XX” combined a video collage of footage that shows dedicated and emotionally driven fans of nearly every kind of working class background rallied around him and his music as their unifying message of understanding in a cold world.  In this case rarely like others, we ourselves feel very emotionally tied to this video as well for the exact same reason.

We were touched very personally when we saw that among the footage of fans and Bad Boy label chief Sean “Diddy” Combs, were 2 of the young guys that happened to be part of America’s  disabled community.  This is important to note because it is incredibly rare that anyone from the disabled community gets to be part of anything in mainstream entertainment media world in such an inclusionary, and “cool” context.   One of these two was  a teen named Ryan Yex, who has Cerebral Palsy, which is the same condition that founders Craig and Matt Clizbe share. As you will see, we and many others learned that fact  because Ryan and MGK, also known as Machine Gun Kelly, were featured in a news report last year that discussed the Cleveland based rapper inspiring  Ryan to go through training and conditioning, and learn how to walk.  Ryan then later made headlines for taking his first steps on stage with MGK.

Being that we work in the media promotional side of the music industry, it is safe to say that we watch several music videos a day while updating our site.  Watching this video cut past whatever jadedness that we ourselves may have developed either out of habit or repetition.  When those two disabled young men were spotlight, we triumphantly yelled cheers, and even shed some tears of genuine happiness because of the highly respectable, and “normal” context in which those two were included in the video’s over all message.  We consider ourselves very privileged to have had  our own private interview with MGK, which is coming out as soon as possible.

He is a passionate artist that has gone through his share of obstacles and struggles, and despite some controversy of behavior and adult language used in his music, our conversation made clear that the desire to use his music to inspire and connect with his fans out weighed everything else to him  This includes his own success.  After watching this latest video for ourselves, we firmly believe that he’s doing his best to keep his word.     It is moving and genuine to see.

“See My Tears” was originally featured on his EP Half Naked And Almost Famous, and was later included in the deluxe edition of his major label debut album, Lace Up, which was released on October 9th.  Obviously we recommend that you pick it up. Be on the look out for our exclusive interview with him which, like we said is coming soon, and enjoy the video below. “Lace Up!”


“See My Tears” (Explicit Lyrics)

From: Lace Up

EST19XX/Bad Boy/Interscope Records

MGK Featuring Alex Fitts Of The KickDrums

“Stereo” (Explicit Lyrics)

From: Lace Up

EST19XX/Bad Boy/Interscope Records